An invitation to the newest incarnation of the Mountain Healing Arts Association


I’m going to be putting together an actual mailing list service to make it easier to sign up and/or unsubscribe, but in the meantime, here’s the Mountain Healing Arts Association newsletter. There are three sections:

  • MHAA updates
  • Upcoming events, programs, and member news
  • Words of inspiration

Here we go!

MHAA Updates

We had our first potluck of 2020 at Big Bear Yoga on January 26th. It was so good to see everyone who came! Here are some of the highlights of our discussion:

  • The institutions that were supposed to support our society are failing us. Therefore, it is crucial that we come together in community to support each other.
  • One way to nurture community is to have a physical space where we can gather, either for events or for individual members to provide services. We’re looking for ways to maximize the use of the Big Bear Yoga studio space, individually and collectively.
  • Although MHAA will continue to promote the services of our business members, we are also opening our doors to individuals who share in our desire to be a focus for the light. Again, our goal isn’t just economic well-being, but true community.
  • Annual dues for 2020 will be $25 for Professional Members and $10 for Individual Members. These funds will go towards a collective membership in the Big Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce, promotional opportunities such as a vendor booth at the annual Big Bear Yoga Festival, possible co-sponsorship of booths at the Big Bear Farmer’s Market, educational and/or promotional materials, and other expenditures agreed upon by the membership.
  • If at some time we decide to embark on an event that would require additional funding, Bill Treadwell says that Leafs for Wellness would be willing to act as an umbrella 501(c) organization to assist in applying for and implementing grant monies.
    (I don’t think we’re there right now, but it’s something to keep in mind.)

If you’d like to either continue as or become a member, please either send a check to:

PO Box 3004
Big Bear City, CA 92314

or just come to our next potluck (scheduled for Sunday, March 1st—see below!) You can ask any questions you may have and take care of things then.

Upcoming Events, Programs, and Member News

The next MHAA potluck is scheduled for Sunday, March 1st at 1pm at Big Bear Yoga 421 W Big Bear Blvd #633, Big Bear, CA 92314. Bring something tasty to share along with your thoughts about possible promotion ideas for members, what we can do to nurture a deep sense of community, and how we can use the Big Bear Yoga studio space to support us all.


Robin Bradley’s 6-week integrative actualization meditation training classes started this past week. If you weren’t able to sign up for the full program, she’s doing monthly meditation sessions at Mountain Yoga starting February 25th.


In addition to their regular classes, Big Bear Yoga has some special events coming up:

For more information and to see their full schedule of classes, visit


Sandy Steers is running a 4-part series of weekend workshops that combine ancient Shamanic traditions with contemporary quantum understandings to help you

  • .Awaken your inner strength, power and wisdom
  • Clear away ‘dis-ease’-creating imprints
  • Release blockages to love, happiness and peace
  • Recover your essential self to remember who you really are
  • Open to the full expression of your love, joy, passion and creativity

The first session is scheduled in Fawnskin, CA on March 21-22nd, 9am-9pm daily. Future sessions will be scheduled in June, September and December based on the availability of participants of this first session. In addition, Sandy is also going to be running these classes in France starting in July!


MEMBERS: if you have events, programs, services or celebrations that you’d like to include in the next newsletter, e me the info at

Words of Inspiration

This is a quote I shared at the meeting from Who Do We Choose to Be? Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity by Margaret J. Wheatley. It’s not that we can’t have an impact on the world, but if we pour too much energy into wishing or pretending that things are different, we end up taking away energy from being present in this moment, here. 

And it is in this moment, the one you are experiencing right now… and now… and now… that you can breathe, choose love, choose faith, choose connection, and step out into the world with an open heart, knowing that you are not alone—that we are not alone—in this journey.

May you be a blessing to the world.


Rachel S. Heslin
President, Mountain Healing Arts Association